Ned Erickson - Founding Director

Ned Erickson grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended Davidson College and upon graduation moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to join the staff of Young Life. In 2000, he became the Area Director, a position he held until he and his wife moved to Colorado for her pediatric residency. While there, Ned taught English, led worship at a large church, became the recruitment director for Denver Young Life, joined a consulting firm where he eventually was promoted to Vice President, and helped found an education research and development company. Meanwhile, he wrote his first book, Falling Into Love: How an Average Guy Got the Girl of His Dreams. 

He and his dream girl eventually moved back to Winston-Salem where Ned continued to write for a number of magazines including Group, Young Life Relationships, and Relevant. His second book Clay came out in 2014. His two newest books are part of the 426 Series published in 2016 by Whitecaps Media. The first is called Get This: the answers to life's final exam, and the second is The Reason: why you were made. 

Ned and his wife Lia have two children, Anna Rose and David. His family loves the outdoors, particularly fishing, hiking and rock climbing. Ned also loves to run. As a matter of fact, in 2014 he set the record for running the North Carolina section of the Blue Ridge Parkway: 252 miles in 4 days, 8 hours, and 38 minutes.